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Application of Integrated Water Quality Monitoring Instrument for Urban and Rural Water Supply

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Application of integrated water quality monitoring instrument 

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The integration of urban and rural water supply is an important measure to realize the sharing of urban and rural water resources. Could improve the utilization rate of water resources, and ensure the safety of residents' water use, water drinking. Almost in the government every annual work report, the deployment of rural drinking water is proposed. Under the promotion of the government, the penetration rate of urban water supply integration in China has been increasing year by year. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of enterprises in various aspects of technology. In the face of the small and scattered amount of rural drinking water, we have seen more and more high-quality solutions for the integrated management of urban and rural water supply.

Probest has long been committed to the research and development of high-quality water quality online analysis products. In the real-time monitoring of the integration of urban and rural water supply. PROBEST is with a professional R&D team and high-quality meters, as well as a wealth of application cases.

Yongkang City’s “Smart Water Affairs” urban-rural water supply integrated control project. 

The project has invested nearly 16 million RMB by the Municipal Water Investment Group. 

Has built 79 villages water supply stations. Has 6 large-scale water plants, and pioneered the “five-water integration” in the province unified management model. 

Through the "smart water" equipment, the water quality is monitored in real time 24 hours a day. And the remote data sends back to the platform using the data transmission module. The real-time data such as PH, residual chlorine, turbidity, flow, and real-time flow are clear for glancing. The project adopts PROBEST the pipeline network water quality monitoring system (PWQ-2000). The water quality monitoring system is with the integrated design, small space, high integration, etc..

Field application pictures:


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微信图片_20200804173832The water quality analysis and process instrumentation used by PROBEST qualified products. The water quality test system has helped Yongkang’s "smart water" water supply system, and it is currently operating stably. PROBEST will not forget its original intention, keep its mission in mind, and innovate technology in the future development. We will continue let the products reach a new level, and make greater contributions to the cause of environmental protection!