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Application of Water Nitrate Probe Sensor Meter Analyzer Manufacturer

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PUVNO3-900 Application of Nitrate Analyzer


Nitrate nitrogen in water is the most stable nitrogen compound in various forms of nitrogen-containing compounds such as nitrous nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen in an aerobic environment. It is also the final decomposition product of nitrogen-containing organic substances through inorganic action. In recent years, a large number of industrial wastewater discharge, agricultural non-point source pollution, the use of chemical fertilizers, residents' domestic pollution, domestic sewage and domestic solid waste disposal and other human factors have caused the nitrate concentration of groundwater and surface water to increase continuously. Excessive nitrate nitrogen not only makes the phytoplankton reproduction in lakes and reservoirs prosperous, but also causes a series of ecological environment problems such as eutrophication and the deterioration of water quality. Nitrogen seriously threatens human health.


As one of the important indicators for controlling water quality, nitrate nitrogen currently requires continuous monitoring of nitrate nitrogen in drinking water, surface water, industrial production process water and sewage treatment.

   Sewage treatment plantWaterworks

Sewage treatment plant                                                                    Waterworks

 Surface waterIndustrial process water


Surface water                  Industrial process water

Application of Nitrogen and Nitrogen Analyzer in Denitrification Process of Sewage Plant

Biological denitrification includes three processes: ammoniation, nitrification and denitrification. During the denitrification process of the anoxic tank, the online nitrate nitrogen analyzer can continuously monitor the concentration of nitrate nitrogen in real time, and can also realize four control methods: priority adjustment of external carbon source method, priority adjustment of internal reflux method, economic priority method Efficiency priority method, so as to achieve the best sewage treatment effect and efficiency. Probest’s PUVNO3-900 spectroscopic nitrate nitrogen analyzer uses a dual-beam ultraviolet absorption method, using NO3 at 210nm ultraviolet light, and the self-absorption of nitrate, which can accurately calculate nitrate without any chemical reagent concentration value.

PUVNO3-900 Spectroscopic Nitrate Analyzer

n  Measurement Principle

NO3 absorbs at 210 nm UV light. When the Spectrometer NO3 probe is working, the water sample flows through the slit. When the light from the light source in the probe passes through the slit, part of the light is absorbed by the sample flowing in the slit, and the other light passes through the sample and reaches the other side of the probe. Calculate the concentration of nitrate.

n  Features

u  Spectrometer NO3 Probe direct immersion measurement without sampling and pre-processing;

u  No chemical reagents, no secondary pollution;

u  Short response time enables continuous measurement;

u  The sensor has an automatic cleaning function that reduces maintenance.

u  Sensor power supply positive and negative reverse connection protection

u  Sensor RS485 A/B terminal is connected to the power supply protection

u  Wireless data transmission module for optional 

n  Applications

u  Drinking water / surface water / industrial production process water / sewage treatment, etc.,

u  Continuously monitor the concentration of nitrate dissolved in water, especially for monitoring sewage aeration tanks, controlling denitrification process


n  Technical Specifications

Measuring Range

0.140.0mg/L  ( 2mm )




± 2%


0.01 mg/L

Pressure range


Sensor material

BodySUS316Lfresh water),Titanium alloyOcean marine);CablePUR


Standard calibration

Power Supply

AC85-500VAC (50/60HZ)  DC9~36VDC


3-way 4-20mA


Three-way relays, programmed response parameter and response   value.

Communication protocol


Storage temperature


Measuring temperature



SensorDiam69mm*Length 380mm



Protective rate

SensorIP68/NEMA6PTransmitterIP65/ NEMA4X

Cable length

Standard:10M,the maximum may be   extended to 100m

Suggested Backup spare parts

PGP-UVNO3 :  UVNO3 Sensor Scraper