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Jiande Water Supply Station Upgrade & Renovation Pproject

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The "Rural Drinking Water Standard Upgrading Project" is a key livelihood practical project of Jiande City in 2019. The single village upgrade and reconstruction project led by the Municipal Water Resources Bureau and under the management of the Municipal Water Affairs Company will uniformly build new management houses, clear water ponds, and install water purification and disinfection and water quality monitoring for each water supply point (estimated more than 120 points) in each natural village. The equipment uses cloud technology to remotely monitor the residual chlorine, pH value, turbidity, etc. of tap water for 24 hours to realize "the first time to find problems, the first time early warning feedback, and automatic dosing". After completion, there will be more than 70,000 people. Villagers scattered in natural villages can drink healthy and high-quality water.

In order to monitor the water quality parameters such as pH, turbidity, and residual chlorine of the tap water, the analytical instrument selected the Purbes CL-201 colorimetric method online chlorine analyzer, PPH-500 online pH analyzer, and PLTU700 flow-through turbidity online analysis. Instrument, PT10 pressure transmitter. 

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