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Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Holiday Greetings -Probest

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Dear Friend, 

Good day. 

Please kindly take noted that we will be our Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Holiday from Sep. 29 to Oct.6,  2023. But we are available to access our emails and reply. 

All best wishes! During the beautiful season, harvest season wish all of us could get more base on our pay out.

Probest is also a first-hand water analyzer instruments factory, keeping on our endurance and keeping moving. A trusted worthy partner for you. 

During this period, The Asian Games is helding in Hangzhou, China now. Many athletes won MEDALS. And most import that many countries people will know more about China. 

The earth is a family, all sentient beings are equal, pray for world peace, prosperity and strength 

HANGZHOU, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- For 21-year-old rower Zou Jiaqi, Hangzhou was once just her hometown.            Now, it might also be remembered as her city of fortune.

Zou and her partner Qiu Xiuping secured the first gold medal of the Hangzhou Asiad on Sunday morning, leading in the women's lightweight double sculls.

"Rowing tests speed, endurance, and explosive power.

Zou persisted, even as her hands developed calluses and scars.

Qiu, two years Zou's senior, comes from a rural family in Guangdong.            After her 2014 induction into the provincial team, she dedicated nearly a decade to earning this Asiad gold.

"I train seven hours every day," Qiu shared.            "It's no plain sailing to come this far."

Despite their differing personalities, the pair have a strong bond off the field.

Qiu considers Zou a confidant and even penned a short poem for her: "May there be light in the dark, umbrella in the rain, and the people who love us on this long journey."

"Today's victory is the cumulative result of every contest and every training session in the past years, and the only thing I can do was to do our best with every stroke," Qiu reflected.

"We have already qualified for the Paris 2024, and it is the time to stand on the top podium there," she told reporters.

Beyond their achievements, the duo shares a mutual dream.

"We would like to see more people interested in this sport and get involved," Zou expressed.

"To achieve this goal, we will make even greater efforts to be inspiring."