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PFDO-700 Wholesale Hot Sell DO Probe Dissolved Oxygen Water Sensor Meter Online Analyzer

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Dissolved oxygen is an important indicator that reflects the self-purification ability of water. In the past 50 years, the current method and polarography method have been used to measure dissolved oxygen. This has played a very important role in the monitoring of dissolved oxygen in municipal and industrial wastewater. However, traditional electrochemical probes use membranes, electrodes and electrolytes, which will cause many problems, such as the need for regular maintenance, and they are easily affected by gas and contained water in the water. The influence of salt content cannot get accurate measurement results.


Innovative new fluorescent technology, no membrane and electrolyte, almost no maintenance, excellent performance, easy to use; no oxygen consumption, fast response time, no reference electrode, no magnetic field interference, etc., more and more in the field of water quality monitoring Favored by many people.


Fuzhou PROBEST is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and service of sensors, instruments and automation equipment. The fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors independently developed and produced by our company all adopt imported fluorescent caps, which are of guaranteed quality and can be applied to a variety of working conditions.


Part 1


Products Recommended


PFDO-700 Dissolved Oxygen Water Online Analyzer

二代DO 2

Recommended reason

High-cost performance, comprehensive functions and excellent performance, especially designed for OEM merchants and end users who care about prices.

Part 2

Applications of different materials

Different Situation Usage

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For different applications, PROBEST can provide fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors with stainless steel and titanium alloy housings.

Stainless steel housing: used in conventional sewage plants, waterworks, surface water, etc.;

Titanium alloy shell: It can be used in strong corrosive occasions such as sea water and industrial wastewater.

Part 3 Diversified configuration schemes meet the different needs of customers.

Recommended reason

According to your budget, water quality, application occasions and other requirements, we can provide the most cost-effective solution.


Configuration one: Can be connected to PROBEST single-channel or dual-channel transmitters


Configuration two: Can be connected to PROBEST split multi-parameter transmitter


Configuration three: The dissolved oxygen sensor produced by PROBEST has a standard digital signal RS-485 output, which can be integrated and networked with other equipment without a transmitter.

RS485 output Digital DO sensor