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PROBEST Secondary Water Quality Monitoring Solutions Help solve drinking water safety problems

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PROBEST Secondary Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

Help solve drinking water safety problems

 Background of Project—Water quality monitoring

As a new form of urban water supply, secondary water supply greatly alleviates the water demand of high-rise buildings and urban residents, and makes up for the difficulty of the lack of pressure of municipal water supply network. However, the design and construction of secondary water supply facilities directly affect the safety and stability of secondary water supply water quality. Compared with raw water supply, the water quality of secondary water supply is more likely to be polluted. Therefore, it is urgent to carry out real-time monitoring of secondary water supply quality.

In order to standardize the requirements of the secondary water supply industry and ensure the safety of residents' water use, the relevant government departments have issued a series of industry supervision policies in order to strengthen the standardized management of secondary water supply and provide a good policy environment for the stable development of all secondary water supply industry.

The limits of some indicators have been adjusted, including nitrate, turbidity, free chlorine, etc., strengthening the requirements for the evaluation of drinking water quality in the integration of urban and rural areas, and further strengthening the management of the whole chain from the source to the faucet.

Secondary water supply facilities should be set up residual chlorine (total chlorine), turbidity, pH and other water quality online monitoring instruments. Strengthen the monitoring of water quality of water supply, and organize the inspection of all key water quality indicators of ex-factory water, pipe network water, and secondary water supply. Since April 1, 2023, the urban water supply has fully implemented the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water".

Carry out the intelligent construction project of water supply pipe network, and carry out real-time monitoring of the operation status of water supply facilities and information such as water quantity, water pressure and water quality.

This project uses multi-parameter water quality sensors, flow meters, liquid level meters and other sensing equipment, combined with intelligent information management platform, through automatic monitoring of secondary water quality parameter changes, but also support the free selection of other parameters, through high-quality data transmission module, water quality monitoring data uploaded to the platform, instead of tedious manual water quality recording and analysis. The secondary water supply monitoring solution of real-time monitoring, remote supervision, inspection and maintenance has been established.

Solution of Project

Secondary water supply flow diagram

Probest Core Products


Advantages of the Project

Probest PWQ-1000 Pipe Network Water Quality Monitoring System

 PROBEST Secondary Water Quality Monitoring


The pipe network water quality monitoring system is a product developed for drinking water quality online monitoring applications with small size, light weight and convenient on-site installation.

The product integrates water quality analysis sensor, data acquisition and processing unit, internal water flow pipeline unit, which can continuously measure temperature, PH, ORP, Turbidity, conductivity parameters.

The system can be externally expanded to access any brand of standard MODBUS RS485 output meter, such as flow, pressure and other parameters.



The internal wiring and waterway integration is high, the user only needs to switch on the power supply and access to water, and the equipment is convenient to install on site.

The internal waterway design can ensure the stability of water flow in the measurement process of the equipment as far as possible to ensure the accuracy of monitoring data.

With automatic fault diagnosis function, with abnormal information record, upload function, such as parts failure, over-range alarm, alarm and other information.

Three-level password permission management.

With data storage function, data can be displayed in tables and curves.

Can support customers to upgrade the program through the U disk on site



Secondary water supply system construction project of a community in Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province


In order to improve the secondary water supply system and ensure the safety of drinking water for residents, a community in Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province decided to renovate the secondary water supply pump house and use a batch of advanced water quality monitoring and analysis instruments. After market research and comparison, the final decision to purchase the water quality online monitoring instrument of PROBEST’s.

 PROBEST Secondary Driking Water Quality Monitor


In order to solve the problem of water quality monitoring of secondary water supply, the water quality monitoring point of the second supply pumping station introduced PROBEST analytical instrument: online PH, turbidity, residual chlorine three-parameter monitoring analyzer, through online monitoring quickly obtain each water quality index, to ensure the daily water consumption of the community.



 This project procured 15 sets of PROBEST online monitoring systems for water quality of pipe network

 Compared with other similar brands, the measurement value is more stable

 Easy installation, easy maintenance and cleaning

 Online monitoring, real-time alarm