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Probest Attend 2021 Changsha Water Supply Conference

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On May 14, 2021, the 2021 Water Supply Conference was successfully concluded in Changsha, Hunan Province. Probest was invited to bring the latest products to the conference, sincerely displaying the company's R&D strength and latest achievements. The exhibition site was full of voices and the exchange atmosphere was enthusiastic!

At present, the new infrastructure of 5G network promotes the improvement of the level of urban intelligence, which brings good opportunities for the development of smart water affairs; urban renewal and old community renovation policies have brought development opportunities for secondary water supply; the post-new crown epidemic era brings water supply work In response to new challenges, my country's economy took the lead in recovering after the epidemic, and the rapid progress of the national business environment has also put forward higher requirements for water supply services. This water supply conference mainly conducted technical exchanges and discussions in the above-mentioned fields.

 At the conference, there was an endless stream of guests attending the PROBEST booth, and VIP guests gathered. The exhibits and solutions carried by PROBEST attracted the attention of a large number of on-site professionals. The PROBEST staff present and visiting customers conducted in-depth communication and cooperation in many aspects such as product feature introduction, solutions, and cooperation intentions. communicate with.


At this water supply conference, PROBEST communicated with industry elites with an open mind: discussing how to promote water industry innovation under new situations and new opportunities, promote the continuous development of water ecology, and demonstrate advanced product technology and high-quality services. The concept has been highly concerned and widely praised by customers in many industries. PROBEST will always keep abreast of the dynamic changes of the market environment, forge ahead, and actively expand into new technologies, new processes and other cutting-edge fields, and is committed to creating more professional solutions!

About Us 

Fuzhou PROBEST Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of high-end analytical instrument products. Since its development, the company has passed the "ISO three system certification", obtained the "National High-tech Enterprise Certification", obtained the title of "Gazelle Enterprise", has more than 60 own intellectual property rights, most of the products have obtained provincial inspection reports, and many products have obtained National environmental protection certification. After years of deep plowing and meticulous cultivation, PROBEST already has online and laboratory water quality analyzers covering colorimetry, electrochemistry, optics, etc., with a complete product range, a wide range of applications, and a diversified combination. It can be widely used in tap water, sewage, and surface water. , Groundwater, aquaculture, industrial processes, smart water and other fields.

PROBEST has long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions at home and abroad, committed to the research and development of high-quality water quality online analysis products, and has a number of core technologies for water quality analysis sensors. The company is equipped with a comprehensive chemical laboratory and a professional optical laboratory, and has established a machining center. In order to ensure that each factory product is qualified and stable, we are also equipped with comprehensive testing equipment, set up a professional testing team, established a complete testing process, and realized 100% full-process testing of the factory products. In order to provide high-quality service and support, PROBEST has established a nationwide sales and service network, which can provide customers with faster services.

PROBEST insists on high-quality products based on refined management, with the concept of "focusing on promoting the progress and commercialization of water quality sensing technology", strives for perfection, and strives to become the manufacture of water quality analysis instruments with independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands Quotient.

In order to make the sky bluer, the water clearer, and the ground greener, we hope to walk hand in hand with you!