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Probest National Day's Holiday Notice

Views: 141     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-01      Origin: Site

Nice new month ..... Time is flying, Oct. is coming, in China it is a harvested colorful season! Hope all living better and better!
Oct. 1 is our National Day,
Oct.2 is the  International Music Day
Oct.3 is the International Day of Struggle for Peace (Every year on the first Wednesday of October)
Oct.4 International Natural Disaster Reduction Day
Oct.4 World Animal Day 
Oct.5 Respect for the Aged Day
All pray that our world become better and better, the special days not only the young people and old people, people and animals, people and nature  all are living in harmony, in peace, in a happy life!
Pray all are better and better!
P.S: We will be on holidays from Oct.1 to 7, be back to work on Oct.8. All best wishes!

Sorry for any incovenience may cause. If have any pending orders or forecast, please let me know and prepare to avoid any delay.


It is fine for me to access my email anytime, please contact me freely, when need. 

Pray everything recover soonest!