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Probest Water Sensors on Field of Gutian City 2nd Tap Water Plant

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Gutian City 2nd Tap Water Plant

Installation Time: Dec. 2019

Place: Gutian City 2nd Tap Water Plant

Gutian city 2nd water plant is located in Cuiping lake, a beautiful spot. The construction of the plant is mainly to ensure the domestic water requirements of the newly developed Pinghu scenic tourist area and the surrounding residents. The water intake point is Huangtianzai reservoir (the first construction water supply is from Xinhua power station downstream of Huangtianzai dam), the total water supply scale of the first project is 30,000m3/d, 10,000m3/d of the first project, and 20,000m3/d of the second project.

In the monitoring of key water quality parameters of the process, Gutian 2nd water plant adopts the water quality analysis instrument produced by PROBEST, and the main equipment is as follows:

  1.       PTU-800 Turbidity Online Analyzer

  2.      CL-201 Colorimetric Residual Chlorine Online Analyzer

  3.      Integrated Ultrasonic Level Gauge

  4.      PLTU-700 Low Range Turbidity Analyzer

  5.       PH Online Analyzer

Tap Water testTap water Quality test

By monitoring the water quality parameters of each link of the water plant, it can not only improve the level of process operation management, but also respond to sudden accidents in the water plant, play a role of energy saving and reduce consumption, and is an indispensable means to ensure the safety of drinking water . PROBEST can provide cost-effective drinking water quality monitoring solutions according to customer's budget, measurement parameters, water quality conditions, and application requirements. Welcome to contact probest@probest.cn at any time!