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Probest at 2023 Shenzhen International Eco-Environmental Monitoring Industry Expo Exhibition

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In order to promote the development of eco-environmental monitoring industry and promote the demonstration and application of advanced results, China Environmental Monitoring Station, Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Association and China Environmental Monitoring Station Shenzhen Institute of Technology Innovation jointly organized "2023 Shenzhen International Eco-Environmental Monitoring Industry Expo" by several authoritative organizations in the industry. This is not only a positive exploration and practice in line with the national trend of ecological and environmental protection, but also a rare opportunity to combine wisdom with normalization and truly inject new vitality into ecological and environmental protection.

With the theme of "Innovation in intelligent monitoring of ecological Environment to help high-level protection of ecological environment", this Expo is planned under the guidance of national authorities and co-organized by national provincial monitoring associations. It is a state-level special expo of ecological environment monitoring industry.

Probest will bring the conventional seven-parameter water quality online analyzer, many online analyzers, portable instruments and so on to the expo, as well as the introduction of self-developed and self-produced new products, showing the research and development strength and innovation spirit of Probest. Company professionals will work with on-site partners to discuss the new development of water quality monitoring, new technology, to provide better one-stop solutions, the exhibition time from March 29 to 31, 2023, welcome new and old customers to visit the booth No. 4 -2821 to visit the exchange!





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