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Inner Mongolia Xiqing Environmental Protection Sewage Water Online Monitoring Project

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Inner Mongolia Xiqing Environmental Protection

Water Online Monitoring Project

ecc45a108460a2ef4d1bc477ba3db82fEnvironmental Protection Sewage Water Online Monitoring Project

In Qipanjing Industrial Park,  Erdos City, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Xiqing Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the disposal of wastewater in the park, has invested a total of 560 million yuan to build three water treatment workshops. Among them, the pre-treatment workshop is designed. The industrial wastewater treatment capacity is 40,000 tons/day, and 80% of the water after treatment can be recycled. The high-salt water workshop uses a multi-salt wastewater crystallization process to directly separate the sodium chloride and sodium sulfate in the high-salt water and recycle them. To achieve zero discharge of industrial wastewater.

Inner Mongolia Xiqing environmental protection inlet installation online monitoring project, using PROBEST meters to monitor the ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total phosphorus, total nitrogen, PH, conductivity and other parameters at the inlet of industrial wastewater in real time to judge the water quality at the inlet To ensure the stability of the later water treatment process and timely response measures.

Site case photos:

UNI20 PROBEST controller meter Inner Mongolia Xiqing Environmental ProtectionWater Monitor TP TN Ammonia Inner Mongolia Xiqing Environmental Protection

Equipment used on site:

PCM-NH3N ammonia nitrogen online monitor

PCM-CODcr chemical oxygen demand online monitor

PCM-TP total phosphorus online monitor

PCM-TN total nitrogen online monitor

PPH-500 PH online analyzer



Production base

faab92a2d82b48b6eed78c8fff255585PROBEST Workshops For Monitoring Wastewater for Inner Mongolia Xiqing Environmental ProtectionWorkshops for monitoring wastewater quality systemWorkshops for monitoring water quality system Inner Mongolia Xiqing Environmental Protection


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