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PROBEST Protects The Drinking Water Health of Asian Games with The Power of Science And Technology

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Escort Green Asian Games | PROBEST protects the drinking water health of Asian Games with the power of science and technology


"Green" is an important concept of 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games. In order to realize the "green" commitment, the Hangzhou Asian Games has adopted a series of low-carbon environmental protection measures into the construction of the Asian Games.

Escort Green Asian Games

As the guardian of the ecological environment, PROBEST has the honor to participate in the water quality assurance work of the Asian Games. For the Asian Games venues and surrounding reception hotels, designated hospitals and other important places to provide PWQ1000 network water quality monitoring system, with high-end technology, strict standards, comprehensive preparation, to ensure the safety of drinking water quality in the core area during the Asian Games.

PWQ1000 network water quality monitoring system

Product features

1. Ultra-lightweight and small volume design

Volume: 350 X270X550mm(L X W X H)

Weight: Only 21KG

Flexible and convenient installation

2. One-machine integrated efficient management

Set water quality analysis sensor, data acquisition and processing unit, internal water flow pipeline unit as one, more efficient field management!

3. More abundant monitoring factors

"5+N" mode, multiple modes, multiple parameters can be selected, more monitoring factors

Can automatically monitor:

With 5 parameters, Temperature, PH, turbidity, residual chlorine, conductivity

Supports expansion: Chroma, flow, liquid level, dissolved oxygen, etc., to achieve continuous monitoring of multiple parameters.


Escort the green Asian Games, help drinking water guarantee!

PROBEST will continue to uphold the concept of "sensing the environment to protect the earth and make the home better".

With the power of technology

Empower the Asian Games

Help the Green Asian Games!






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