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PROBEST---PUVNO3-900 NO3 Spectroscopic Nitrogen Sensor On-Line Analyzer

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NO3 Spectroscopic Nitrogen Sensor On-Line Analyzer

Nitrate nitrogen in water is the most stable nitrogen compound in various forms of nitrogen compounds in an aerobic environment. Excessive nitrate in the water not only makes the phytoplankton in lakes and reservoirs prosperous, but also causes a series of ecological and environmental problems such as eutrophication of the water body, and the nitrate nitrogen will also be reduced to nitrous acid after the action of microorganisms in the human intestine. Salt nitrogen is a serious threat to human health.


According to China GB 5749-2006 sanitary standard for drinking water, the limit of nitrate nitrogen in water is 10mg/L. Since drinking water source will be affected by nitrous acid in rainwater and surrounding agriculture, nitrate nitrogen in water is easy to exceed the standard, so it needs to be monitored in real time. There are many methods for the determination of nitrate nitrogen in water. The PUVNO3-900 spectroscopic nitrate nitrogen sensor adopts the double-beam ultraviolet absorption method, which uses the self-absorption of NO3 at 210nm ultraviolet light and nitrate without any chemical reagent under the premise of the nitrate concentration value can be calculated accurately.


PUVNO3-900 spectroscopic nitrate online analyzer does not need sampling and pretreatment, the sensor has automatic cleaning function, less maintenance, short response time, can be connected to a variety of transmitters or integrated with other equipment.

IMG_256Sewage treatment plant

Typical application

Spectroscopic nitrate nitrogen sensor online analyzer can be widely used in drinking water, surface water, industrial production process water and sewage treatment. It can continuously monitor the concentration of nitrate nitrogen dissolved in water. Nitrification process.

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Industrial process water        Nitrogen removal process in sewage treatment plant

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