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Water Monitoring Instruments of Hainan Wuzhishan Sewage Treatment Plant

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PROBEST ALLICATIONS / Hainan Wuzhishan Sewage Treatment Plant Instruments for Water Inlet


As the terminal of urban sewage treatment, sewage treatment plant has a large daily sewage treatment capacity and high operating load rate. If the sewage inlet water quality exceeds the standard, it is inevitable that the response will not be timely, the effectiveness of the sewage treatment process will be reduced, and the effluent will not meet the standard. There are problems in the treatment process of many sewages. Therefore, the appropriate sewage treatment process can be selected to ensure that the effluent water quality is qualified under certain conditions of influent water quality. Real-time monitoring of the influent water quality in the service area of the sewage treatment plant is carried out to grasp the changes of water quality parameters, such as influent water. Early warning of water quality exceeding the standard and selection of appropriate dosages or other sewage treatment processes to ensure that the effluent reaches the limited standard are currently extremely effective methods.

Wuzhishan City has vigorously promoted urban and rural environmental governance, and built rural domestic water facilities and domestic sewage treatment facilities. The urban water environment has been greatly improved. The coverage rate of rural sewage treatment facilities exceeds 95%, and the centralized sewage treatment rate in urban areas reaches 100%. Continuously improving and optimizing the efficiency of urban sewage treatment.

The new instrument project for water quality monitoring at the inlet of the Wuzhishan Sewage Treatment Plant and Changhao Township Sewage Treatment Plant is one of the projects to optimize the efficiency of urban sewage treatment. The installation was completed in August this year. The project uses PROBEST instruments including: PCM-NH3N ammonia Online automatic monitor, PCM-CODcr chemical oxygen demand online automatic monitor, PCM-TN total nitrogen online automatic monitor, PCM-TP total phosphorus online automatic monitor, PSS-800 suspended solids/sludge online analyzer, PPH-500 PH online analyzer.


Field application photos:

Wuzhishan Sewage Treatment Plant

IMG_20210809_165651IMG_20210809_164234A Reliable Direct Water Monitoring Instruments Manufacturer ammonia chemical oxygen demand total nitrogen total phosphorus online automatic monitor

PROBEST Online Water Quality Monitor Instruments


Wuzhishan Changhao Township Sewage Treatment Plant

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