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Work Together, Create a Better Future! Fuzhou Probest Team Building Activity

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Work Together, Create a Better Future! Fuzhou Probest Team Building Activity

In order to improve team cohesion, enhance emotional exchanges between employees, activate the company atmosphere, and strengthen corporate culture construction, PROBEST launched a team building activity on December 5, 2021 with the theme of "Joining Forces and Creating the Future Together".

20211205 Probest Team Activities 1

The location of this team building activity was chosen to be the Qishan Xia Ke Valley surrounded by green hills and surrounded by green waters. At the beginning of the activity, under the guidance of the coach, everyone broke the departmental boundaries and randomly formed 10 teams to participate in 3 major game competitions (10 teams to challenge NO. 1, fun ball, fat race).

Probest Team Working

In the team activities, each team united and cooperated and worked together to give full play to the collective wisdom and strength. The atmosphere at the competition site was tense and warm, and the family members were emotionally enthusiastic, and the competition was extremely intense, exciting and climaxing. Every family member is fully committed, whether they are participating in the competition or watching the game, everyone's faces are filled with joyful smiles. Laughter, shouts, and applause one after another in the valley.

The last link-challenging the win-win circle, is the time to test the unity and strength of the entire team. The coach instructed everyone to tighten the safety rope with both hands, prop up a large and a small concentric circle, and asked the highest-ranking president Lin and the other two family members to challenge each to walk on the concentric circle. At the beginning of the challenge, the family members worked hard at the same time, tensed the ropes in their hands, and shouted in unison: "Probest-come on, Probest-come on"! At this moment, isn't this rope platform supported by the hands of the whole family the same as our platform? As long as everyone thinks in one place, works hard in one place, and works together, our platform will be more stable. No matter what difficulties and challenges are encountered, everyone can rise to the challenge and go further and further. Then, everyone challenged to rotate the rope 600 times in the same direction within 5 minutes. With the concerted efforts and close cooperation of the whole family, the challenge succeeded at one time, and the success of 631 laps was created.

20211205 Fuzhou Probest Team activities

This team building activity has smelted the team and demonstrated the optimistic and enterprising spirit of the Probest family, as well as the confidence and determination to unite and forge ahead courageously. Every family member gained friendship, deepened their feelings, absorbed strength, and carried this touch in the activities. Everyone worked together and worked hard to create a better future for Probest.

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20211205 Fuzhou Probest Team Building activities