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Probest PB -060-AY Buoy Lake Water Quality Monitoring Real-time Monitoring of Water QualityTemperature, PH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen And Turbidity.

Probest is an ISO certificated manufacturer, focus on developing and making Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Do Sensor, UVCOD BOD sensor, NH4H Sensor, Turbidity Sensor, Residual Chlorine Analyzer, Turbidity Meter ect.. Give both of us a chance to have a reliable partner with assured quality, competitive price. Have more choices for your customers.

Our main advantages:
1. 30+ R & D personnel to keep us moving together
2. Many patents & software copyrights to ensure products meet markets
3.100% inspection & test ensure quality
4. Fast delivery, as most of our products we have stock.
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The Qishan Campus of Fujian Normal University is located on Minhou, Fuzhou City, Fujian, China. The university attaches great importance to the construction of the campus environment and builds a “landscape learning village” campus ecological environment with mountain forest ecological leisure parks, water bodies and roads as the core. The Qishan campus has “One River, Two Lakes, Two Roads, Two Forests, Four Districts, Five Gardens” and other scenic spots. Among them, in order to grasp the water quality of the different waters of “Xingyu Lake” and understand the changes in the water quality of the lake area, the university choses Probest PB -060-AY buoy water quality monitoring program, real-time monitoring of water quality in the lake area temperature, PH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity.

 1st Monitoring Point

1st Monitoring Point

 2nd Monitoring Point

2nd Monitoring Point

Real-time Monitoring Data 

                                                                                               Real-time Monitoring Data

PB-060-AY small buoy monitoring is a modern water quality monitoring method. The buoy observation technology can be used to monitor the water quality 24hours 7days, continuously, and at fixed points, and transmit the data to the monitoring center in real time. Complete monitoring buoy, consisting of buoy body and anchor system, monitoring instruments (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, UVCOD, ammonia nitrogen, etc.), data acquisition transmission unit(which has been tested in China market), power supply unit (battery pack And solar power supply system), protection unit (GPS, lights, alarms), remote monitoring of water quality and other real-time monitoring data. Probest can provide cost-effective water quality monitoring solutions according to the actual requirements of customers. Probest is a professional water sensors manufacturer.

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