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MUC-200 China Wholesale Factory Combo Multi-parameter Controller Transimitter for Water Testing

Up to seven water sensors can be connected (as also with temp., so max is eight parameters). If you connect the digital electrodes, you can connect up to 7, and 3 non-repeatable analog electrodes.
A for digital electrode B for analog electrode
Then MUC200 could be: 7A+0B 6A+1B........4A+3B
A= Digital Sensors DO sensor (PDO700), Turbidity probe (PTU800), MLSS sensor (PSS800), UVCOD online water analysis (PUVCOD-900), Low range turbidity online water analyzer (PLTU-700), Chlorophyll sensor (PCH-800), blue-green algae probe (PBA-800), Ammonia NH4+ sensor (PINH3-900) sensor, Could be added.
B= Analog Sensors ORP (POP500),PH (PPH500) ,conductivity sensor(PEC500)
  • MUC-200


  • 90268090

MUC-200 China Wholesale Factory Combo Multi-parameter Controller Transimitter for Water Testing

Multi-sensor, multi-channel, multi-parameter analyzers can greatly reduce the cost. 

MUC-200 multi-parameter transmitter can simultaneously monitor multiple different parameters according to different needs. The controller could connect PH sensor, ORP sensor, Conductivity sensor, Dissolved oxygen sensor (Temperature), Turbidity sensor,  Sludge concentration sensor, Chlorophyll sensor, Blue-green algae sensor, UVCOD sensor, Ionic ammonia nitrogen NH4+ sensor, UVNO3 sensor, Transparency sensor, Residual chlorine sensors and other parameters. It is widely used in water quality monitoring in wastewater treatment plants, waterworks, water stations, surface water, and industrial fields.

We offer a range of multi-parameter sensor units, with an even larger range of applications.

  • Dissolved oxygen

  • Temperature

  • Salinity

  • Turbidity

  • and more

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements with our expert team. We’ll find you the perfect instrument at a price that suits your budget.

The transmitter software interface parameter display is adaptive, simple to set up. The sensor is plug and play.  The water electrode installation and replacement is fast and convenient; various data transmission modes are optional, and the data storage and export are available.

n  Features

u  Up to 7 sensors can be connected to improve integration and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

u  High versatility, all digital sensor interfaces are common, and analog sensors can be configured with different modules according to different sensor types;

u  Sensor plugs and operates, quick and convenient electrode installation and replacement;

u  With 4~20mA, MODBUS RS485, wireless transmission and other data transmission methods;

u  7-inch color touch screen, easy operate, easy learn, reliable system and low maintenance;

u  With data storage and curve display function, master the dynamics of monitoring parameters;

u  Automatically reminders error and alarm information, and realizes alarm signal uploading;

u  Have three levels of management authority;

u  Wall mounting or panel mounting;

u  With optional wireless data transmission module.

n  Technical Specifications


7 inch touch screen with LED strong   backlight,can operate in direct sunlight

Power supply

AC power supply: 85~500VAC


Standard 5 channels, optional 8 channels   4-20mA analog output. Program setting response parameters and response values


Four-way relay, program setting response   parameters and response values

Communication protocol

Standard MODBUS RS485 communication for   real-time transmission of measured value. Optional wireless communication   method4G:UDP/TCP   NB:UDP

Main Material

PA66+GF25+FR (top cover); aluminum   powder dusting (lower shell)

Storage Temperature

-20 to 70℃

Operation temperature

-15 to 60℃

Protective rate



260mm*200mm*123.3mm (L×W×H)


About 2.0KG