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PCM200-COD Colorimetric COD Online Analyzers Monitor for Wastewater Or Water

A Reliable ISO manufacturing Colorimetric COD Online Analyzers Monitor for Wastewater Or Water, find complete details about - Fuzhou Probest
  • PCM200-CODmn


PCM200-CODmn Permanganate Index Water Quality Online Monitor


1. Acidic potassium permanganate oxidation titration method. 

2. The electrode is used to determine the end point of the titration, which is not disturbed by the color and turbidity of the water sample, and the measurement result is more accurate. 

3. Ten-port valve with sapphire core, high wear resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, strong service life and high stability. 

4. It has the function of separating waste liquid, and realizes the storage of high-concentration reaction waste liquid and low-concentration cleaning waste liquid. 

5. With automatic dilution function, it can automatically adjust the range file according to the actual water quality on site.

6. With three-level management authority.

7. It has built-in quality control functions such as standard recovery, zero-point verification, standard sample verification, parallel sample test, etc.With automatic fault diagnosis and abnormal information uploading and recording functions, such as parts failure, over-range alarm, over-standard alarm, lack of reagent alarm and other information. 

8. After abnormal reset and power failure, the instrument automatically discharges the residual reactants in the instrument and automatically restores to the original working state. With power-on alarm function, the instrument will generate alarm information when power is turned on again after power-off.With overheating protection. 

9. It has the function of analyzing instrument process log, measurement data record and alarm information storage

Typical Application

On-line monitoring of permanganate index of drinking water and surface water.


Measurement method: Acid potassium permanganate oxidation titration 

End point determination: The electrode determines the end point of the titration 

Test Range: 0~20mg/L 

Repeatability: Not more than 2% 

Accuracy: Glucose test: ±5%, actual water sample comparison test: ±10% 

Resolution: 0.01mg/L 

Display: 7-inch display 

The sampling period Period measurement (adjustable from 1h to 30d), whole point measurement mode,external trigger mode optional 

Calibration mode: Two modes of manual calibration and automatic calibration 

Maintenance cycle: Generally once a month 

Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50HZ±10% 

Output: 4~20mA output 

Communication: MODBUS RS-232, RS-485 

Environmental conditions: Temperature adjustable room, recommended temperature +5~40℃ Humidity ≤85% (no condensation) 

Size: 302*271*462mm